Hello.  You’ve obviously found my bowls blog, so I thought I should add a few notes here about the purpose and nature of the posts.
My name’s Trevor Field, and I’m the club Secretary at Hexham Elvaston Bowling Club in Northumberland.  In 2015 we ran a very successful recruitment drive for new members, and several of the new recruits did so well that they started playing in league matches and other competitions.  We therefore thought it was a good idea to organise a couple of seminars dealing with the written and (almost more important) unwritten rules of the sport, and these sessions turned out to be so interesting and rewarding for all concerned that it seems like a good idea to develop the content for a wider audience.

That audience would (I think) primarily be new or newish bowlers, either indoor our outdoor.  However, after our first group session our club coach commented that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold similar sessions for all club members – another reason for this blog.  Whatever your level, then, I hope you will get some interest out of this, but if you are an experienced player you’ll no doubt be familiar a lot of the material already.  Please remember that my main intended audience is made up of new or prospective bowlers.

So what am I going to cover?  Well, I’m not going to go laboriously through the rules (more properly, Laws) of the game, although several of them are worth stressing, particularly for newcomers.  In addition to these comments on the Laws, I’ll make a lot of references to what is generally known as etiquette on the green.   This is not meant to suggest anything fancy or dainty, it’s just a question of what you do and what you don’t.  (You might almost see a parallel example in the way that football teams give the ball back to the opponents after play has stopped for injury – just look at what happens when someone ignores this unwritten convention!)  There are also some comments on the nature of teams, and teamwork.  I’ll also illustrate tactics and terminology, as and when appropriate.  And finally, with any luck, I’ll be able to reply to questions that you send me via the Comments section.

IMAG0406-1So that’s what it’s all about.  At which point, you may be asking: Who is he to set up as an expert?  To which I can only say that my own definition of an expert is that X is an unknown quantity and a spurt is a drip under pressure.  More seriously, I would say that I’ve played for over 25 years, winning club championships at an earlier club in Scotland and now here in Hexham; and playing at county level outdoors in Scotland and indoor here in England. That’s not boasting (I’d say that at the county level I was and still am just a marginal choice, and the majority of my trophies have been runner-up prizes!) but it’s only fair to add a micro-cv to reassure you that I do at least know something about the topic.

Ok, that’s the project explained.  In a day or so I’ll get started on the main writing.



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